Rhanjell Villanueva is an emerging Meanjin-based (Brisbane) Filipino artist whose practice critically analyses the traditional Filipino culture against the language and values of western societies. 
In response to his upbringing, his practice traverses the multitude and intricacies of cultural identity by unraveling post-colonial patterns and cultural conflict. Working across an array of media including sculpture, moving image, and video installation, Villanueva materialises deep transcultural knowledge and narratives rooted from oppression and the feeling of displacement. 
The resulting works focus on decolonising the eye, demonstrating the subjectivity of ‘foreign in a domestic sense’ towards the metaphysics of Filipino Futurism. By sharing tales of the diaspora, he aims  to engage with other persons of colour and urge them to consider what they could become, beyond what they are expected to be. 
Villanueva recently graduated at Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) with Distinction in February 2021. In his time at QUT, he has led an artist run initiative Post Datum as the Vice President and won the Hilde Chenhall Memorial Award in the last semester of his studies. Villanueva’s passion for the creative arts and his deep involvement in the LGBTQIA+ community has also led him to be part of the queer collective Runway Movement and the ballroom house House of Alexander, both of which create opportunities and push for diversity and inclusion in the local queer scene in Meanjin. 
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